BAR-NB KENNELS attempts to breed good tempered, healthy and active show quality dogs, including testing for possible health problems. Each Breeding is planned with this in mind; even so, there will be some differences between individual pups in the litter. The puppies are graded and sold as show/breeding quality or companion quality. The companion quality puppies are just as good for family dogs but may have some feature that is not desirable in show dogs, such as one testicle, light eyes, bite, etc.

We do not breed to SELL but for us to have dogs and puppies to show, especially in the Bred by Exhibitor class. Occasionally we have larger litters and have puppies available to good homes.  We also may have adults available, retired from our show or breeding program.

We do not SHIP so you would have to travel here to pick up any dog. We are very particular where they go and try to find out as much as we can about you, your family, where you live, your lifestyle, and knowledge about the breed.  We want our dogs to go to "forever" homes. We keep in touch and are available for questions or advice for the lifetime of the dog.  Many people get acquainted with us and wait for the right puppy. Whatever you do, research and beware of slick websites which might be a cover for a puppy mill. Sometimes they do not even own the dogs they show on their website—they copy from legitimate breeders. Anyone who advertises that they take Paypal and/or credit cards is probably only interested in the money. Do not buy from a petshop; this only supports the puppy mills. Do not buy from newspaper ads which are usually back yard breeders and the brokers importing puppies from other countries. Anyone who will ship a young puppy and seems only interested in your money will not be there for you when you have problems or questions in the future. You will want to see the parents of the puppy and grandparents, if possible, to know what yours will be down the road. The reputable breeder should also have a lot of questions for you.

One way to meet breeders who show their dogs is to attend dog shows. You can get information on upcoming shows on the site. One week before the show, the times for the breeds are listed.
PLEASE NOTE:  Michael L. Holt is no longer associated with our kennel effective May 7, 2012.

We are located in Newberry Springs, California  Our phone number is 760-257-3928.
You may also contact us at:

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